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At FanBranded everyone gets a Free FanShop, a hands free platform that makes you money. 

We specialize in high quality Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing to give your fans the designs they want, all while building your brand.  We also offer embroidery as well, after an additional formatting fee.   Read below to see which shop best suits your needs.  

FREE FanShop


1) Standard 3 apparel items (T-shirt, tank top, hoodie) on black and white garments.

2) 3 custom items (ex. canvas print, beer coozie, coffee mugs, stickers, ect.)

3)Up to 3 different designs.

4)Discounts from our in-house Art Dept. on future custom designs.

5)Customer and Client Support

6)Monthly pay outs from your FanShop.

7)Hands free platform where you passively earn income.

8)Can purchase upgrades to your shop with new designs or products at any time.

9)Social media promo flyer and QR code for your FanBranded FanShop

10) Cross Marketing support from our marketing specialists to help drive your sales!




1) Everything from the Free FanShop

2) Access to our extensive blank item catalog of apparel and products.

3) Up to 20 Custom items.

4) 1 Free Logo Redesign per year from our in-house Art Dept.  (~$250 value)

5) 2 Custom Art Designs per year from our Art Dept.

(~$750 value)

6) Extensive marketing materials for social media. (~$500+ value)

7)Coupon codes and custom sales opportunites.

8)Premium placement on homepage.

9)Up to 10 different designs on your products.

10) A complimentary new merch drop opportunty once per month.

11) 50% OFF on any FanShop Art Dept. Upgrades. (Unlimited Value!)


In total, over $1,500 in yearly value and savings for only $14.99 a month!

What kind of $$$ will you make??

Our goal is to make you money. Let's talk numbers...

We have a simple formula for you to calculate what you will make off your items:


MSRP (Retail Price) - (minus) Item Cost - 25% FanBranded Fee= YOUR INCOME


All with no overhead or up front costs, and most importantly, NO HASSLE!


For example: 

You sell a Custom Tee for $30.00 on your FanShop:  

30 - 13(item and printing cost)-7.5 (FanBranded Fee)= 9.50 = $9.50 Commission 


***Please Keep in mind that the MSRP and Item cost will differ from item to item and Fanshop to Fanshop

If you still arent sure which works best for you, or just want more information, click below and let's get connected!