The cream of the crop of FanShops. FanBranded Premium.  

A fully customized experience.

1) Everything from the Free FanShop

2) Additional standard apparel items.

3) Up to 20 Custom items.

4) 1 Free Logo Redesign per year from our in-house Art Dept.  (~$250 value)

5) 2 Custom Premium Art Designs per year from our Art Dept.

(~$600 value)

6) Extra marketing materials for social media. (~$100+ value)

7)Coupon codes and sale opportunites

8)Premium placement on homepage.

9)Access to FanBranded's  full collection of products and design options.

10) A complimentary new merch drop opportunty once per month.

11) Discounted Rates on any FanShop Upgrades.


In total, over $1000 in yearly value and savings at just $19.99 a month!

Subscriptions renew every 30 days. Cancel at any time.